Saturday, June 9, 2012

Link list: from India to our backyard

Sorry about the lateness! I've been getting ready to go to Ethiopia. In the meantime, enjoy these links.

TIME did a good 2007 article on The Right to Flush, giving a good overview of the importance and complexity and importance of public restroom access.

PRI's The World did a 5-part radio series on sanitation, including on ecosanitation, Haiti, India's toilet museum, and an MIT business plan to make human waste into a profitable business.

Salon interviewed Rose George, the author of The Big Necessity, one of the only books out there on world sanitation. (A great read, by the way.)

Authorities in India are being criticized for flagrant waste of money on building a public restroom in one of the representative's districts.

The Punjabi government outlines their budget and plans for water and sanitation next year. writes about Tanzania's push for sanitation.

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