Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The last post

Hello all!

This is my last post. I’ve been blogging about shit and shitting for just over a year, and while there is plenty left to blog about, I need to re-focus on other endeavors.  

But I think it's still important to carry on the conversation. We need to be able to talk shit, because shit is a part of our lives. We need to be sensitive to the subject, but not tip toe around it. There is too much suffering and too much damage that has come from not talking about the issues around shit. So I hope as you consider your lives--as you go into a poorly made restroom, as you flush your toilet, as you donate to a campaign abroad, as you watch a video about sanitation abroad--you're a little more aware and a little more thoughtful. If I've helped with that at all, I will feel supremely accomplished. 

Thank you so much for those who’ve read, those who’ve shared, those who’ve commented, and those who have sent me links! I've really appreciated all your support--and have appreciated only some of your jokes. :)

Well, I guess it's time to finish.


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