Monday, May 27, 2013

Racist toilet knick knack

When I saw this, I just had to share:

Yes, you saw that correctly. That is a black (presumably African) boy in an outhouse, with another one waiting. The text on the bottom says, "One moment please."

For only 50 dollars, you can be the proud owner of this. The Etsy description reads:

Old Black Americana Figurine, Little Boys Toilet Outhouse Collectible, Japan

Vintage ceramic Black Americana figurine statue depicting two African American little black boys at an outhouse. One is already using the toilet, as the other eagerly waits. Bottom of the outhouse reads, "One Moment Please".
Very very good condition for it's age, with some paint wear, but no chips or cracks.

Measures approx: 3" tall & 2" wide
Marked as shown: Occupied Japan / Made in Japan
I don't know much about Japanese culture (and I'm up to some other things currently), so I'm going to refrain from analyzing this one. But if you want some of my thoughts on people's fascination with the bodies of the Other, then check out an old post of mine, "Only brown people shit." 

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